Commission a Custom Original Song

Can I write a song for you? 🎶 A personalized song is such a sentimental gift because music has the power to encapsulate the most important moments of our lives.

If you'd like to commission an original, custom Gregory Douglass song for a special occasion – written and professionally recorded just for you or your loved one – please email me for more details at

It's been such a joy to compose and record personalized songs for people in the past. I can't wait to connect deeper with you and continue the expansion of my songwriting through custom song commissions.

I have a limited amount of these opportunities, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you're curious about learning more...

Songwriting Courses

Learn Gregory's signature Intuitive Songwriting system with six (6) on-demand lessons to breakthrough songwriting.

Or test the waters with The Road To Intuitive Songwriting – an introductory mini e-course to the full Intuitive Songwriting program.

Click here to enroll today!

Vocal Production


What does a Vocal Producer do and why does every recording artist need one?

Even the most talented singers and seasoned recording artists know how challenging it can be to record lead vocal and harmony tracks in a recording studio environment. It's a different beast entirely than rehearsing and singing live that often results in final recordings that aren't fully representative of a singer's best vocal performance.

Working with a Vocal Producer in the final stages of your recording will help you execute vocals you will forever feel proud of. A good Vocal Producer provides nurturing support and experienced guidance toward a higher caliber of inspired vocal performance in the recording studio. 

Here's what you might expect from working with me as your Vocal Producer:

  • Personal pre-session vocal planning and vocal arrangements in advance of your recording sessions.
  • Guided support throughout your vocal recording sessions, working closely with your recording producer and engineer, helping you deliver your very best vocal performance possible.
  • Custom backing vocals and backing vocal harmonies from me personally.
  • Post-session vocal comping with your recording engineer, helping to create the most compelling final vocal tracks from your session recordings.

The cost of my vocal production services depends on the scope of your recording project and how much of my support you'd like to incorporate. Please email me directly for specific project inquires if you'd like to work with me as a Vocal Producer or hire me as a backing vocalist at