NO APOLOGY LLC develops, produces, and distributes content, event(s) and creative live performance(s) to encourage people to live their lives unapologetically. Be Unapologetically You©

Our Mission

NO APOLOGY LLC is committed to harnessing the power of music in order to guide visual and diverse storytelling while deepening the relationship between audience and story.

Our journey begins at the crossroads of LGBTQIA+ television and music assets that address important pop-culture issues; including, self-discovery, mental health, and communication in our ever-evolving modern world.

NO APOLOGY ~ The TV Series

NO APOLOGY ~ The TV Series
A coming-to-life story

Season: 1 
Episodes: 6
Genre: Fantasy Musical Dramedy
Network: TBD

NO APOLOGY is a genderqueer fantasy musical dramedy TV series in development.

An aspiring gay pop star struggles with self-identity, his career, and frequent visits from his gender-fluid imaginary “muse”.

When opportunity suddenly knocks, Zachary Stahl's emotional-pop music career finally begins to take flight, sending him down a deeper path of fantasy, desire, and self-confrontation.

As he sabotages everything in his path – his career, his relationships, and his self-worth – a new alter-ego begins to emerge.

In the spirit of QUEER AS FOLK and HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, NO APOLOGY is a music-induced journey about discovering the double-edged sword of one’s own inner beauty and learning to live more unapologetically.

NO APOLOGY ~ Series Soundtrack Sampler

New Opportunities

Compelling storytelling paired with a single-artist soundtrack has yet to be done in a television series.

Diversifying the content and mediums while delivering compelling stories generates new opportunities for building an engaging fanbase and generating revenue that will reduce overall investment risk.

NO APOLOGY is a single-season series with a minimum of six (6) episodes and the opportunity to create additional seasons with continued storylines within the NO APOLOGY theme framework. Season one (1) of NO APOLOGY creates a playbook to inspire the possibility of new seasons featuring different storylines as well.

Theme & Tone

NO APOLOGY's theme and tone explore the complexity of mental health issues we're facing today. It blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, invites audiences in at every angle, and tugs at your heartstrings through flashbacks, recurring dream sequences, and emotionally charged musical sequences that are the rhythmic heartbeat of its universality.


NO APOLOGY echoes the anxiety-altered surrealism of ROCKETMAN, the defining traumatic past of MOONLIGHT, the hopeful-heart musical cadence of ONCE, the unapologetic wit and honesty of HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH – and the gender non-conformity of today's emerging culture.

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