No Apology • The Movie


Zachary Stahl is a troubled gay indie rock star who struggles with infidelity, insomnia, his career, and frequent visits from his gender-fluid imaginary "muse" in this coming-of-age fantasy rock opera.

Zach attempts to mask his infidelity as he tours the US performing his evocative pop music, but when his husband Ben catches on to him, Zach spirals down a darker path of sexual fantasy and self-confrontation.

In the spirit of ROCKETMAN and HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH – NO APOLOGY is a surreal journey about discovering one's own inner beauty and learning to live life unapologetically.


NO APOLOGY's theme and tone explore the complexity of mental health issues in the modern age. It blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, invites audiences in at every angle, and tugs at your heartstrings through flashbacks, recurring dream sequences, and emotionally charged musical sequences that are the rhythmic heartbeat of its universal hero's journey.


NO APOLOGY echoes the anxiety-altered surrealism of ROCKETMAN, the defining traumatic past of MOONLIGHT,  the hopeful-heart musical cadence of ONCE, the unapologetic wit and honesty of HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH – and the gender non-conformity of life in the modern age.

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