Save The Date...

It’s been seven (7) years since I last released an original, studio album. It’s time for some (shameless) new Gregory Douglass music!

So save the date... October 1st, 2022... Because I'll be launching a good old-fashioned 30-day Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for my next record, THIS DREAM.

Why is this campaign so important to me? Because these new songs are the result of an explosion of self-realization. They’ve been as personally healing for me to write as I hope they’ll be for you to hear.

I’ve been seeing a lot of shame reflecting back at me – more than I ever realized before – and it’s been weighing me down for so many years now. Shame from my childhood, shame surrounding my sexuality and gender identity, and even shame as an artist. 

So this album will tell shameless stories enveloped in modern-meets-80s throwback production. Think Troye Sivan or Florence + the Machine meets the power ballads of 80s bands like Heart or Roxette!

Music is free now – but recording costs are still at large. That’s why I’m asking for your support to help me reach a baseline goal of $20,000. $20k will cover the recording costs for this new album. Anything beyond that will help promote the new music, so I’ve added two stretch goals of $30k and $40k for potential promotional budgets.

This new album is a story about turning shame into shamelessness – and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Thank you in advance for helping make THIS DREAM a reality. I can’t wait to connect with you through new music!

See you in October,


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