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Genre: Evocative Pop, Adult Alternative, AAA
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Latest Studio Album: My Hero, The Enemy (9th indie release)
New live album: Live from the Chapel

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Gregory Douglass evocative pop sound blends “Rufus Wainwright’s opulent musicality and Justin Timberlake’s accessible soulfulness” (OUT Magazine). NPR’s Morning Edition coined him “one of New England’s best-kept secrets.”

According to Pandora’s co-founder, Tim Westergren, Gregory is one of the top independent artists on Pandora radio today. With ten (10) studio albums independently released, his songs have reached millions of listeners digitally, and his videos have amounted to more than a million views on his YouTube channels. 

Gregory’s song “Alibis” was featured on Netflix original series “The Rain” in 2018, which sparked a fast-growing international following of his music. He has shared the stage with artists including Jason Mraz, They Might Be Giants, Regina Spektor, Shawn Colvin, and The Weepies, among others.


 "One of New England's best-kept secrets."
-Morning Edition,

"['My Hero The Enemy'] is Douglass' most bold and artistically progressive to date, a dizzying manifesto on art in the digital age that's as confounding as it is compelling."
-Dan Bolles, Seven Days

"Douglass—with his gorgeous voice and poignant, piercing lyrics—burns with a fire that cannot be extinguished or ignored.  'Battler' is a soul-lifting masterpiece."
-B. Walker, Performing Songwriter Magazine

"It is no exaggeration to state that records such as 'Battler' should become a benchmark to future singer/songwriters in years to come."
-Bob Werner, Frontiers Magazine

"Sublime echoes of Joni Mitchell and Radiohead’s Kid A”
-Alexander Stevenson, NewNowNext.com
"Rufus Wainwright´s opulent musicality and Justin Timberlake´s accessible soulfulness… Welcome to your new favorite singer-songwriter."
-Barry Walters, OUT Magazine
"Indie pop at its best!"
-Rob Reinhart, 
Acoustic Cafe
"Songs that truly spark emotion and depth, that few artists can give us."
-R. Olivera Jr, "Qbliss," Sirius Radio
"Douglass channels everyone from Stevie Wonder to Fiona Apple in a way that's terrifyingly mature."  
-Japhy Grant, Instinct Magazine
"Gregory taught me so much about being a musician."
-Grace Potter (Grace Potter & The Nocturnals/ Hollywood Records)
“Gregory Douglass is simply the most remarkable new talent I’ve heard in a decade.  A brilliant, intelligent songwriter with an expressive and versatile voice…”
-Will Ackerman, (Grammy Winner & Founder of Windham Hill Records)


Gregory Douglass wants a better world for the future sustainability of independent music. He’s been a pioneer of DIY innovation throughout his indie career as an early adapter of crowdfunding his albums (before Kickstarter was around), streaming live concerts (before Concert Window was around), and performing house concerts in his fan’s living rooms throughout the country. 
Now, he’s teamed up with Patreon to help fix what’s currently broken in the industry – a reliable stream of income for artists and creators. “I believe artists membership models like Patreon are on the right path to the future of creative sustainability. Music sales have plummeted but the expenses required to create and release new music remain the same. Artists cannot sustain their craft today without the vital support of their fans.”
His new album My Hero, The Enemy speaks directly to this crucial paradigm which Gregory describes as “The blessing and the curse of creativity in the age of information.” Gregory explains, “It’s also an ode to being a creative person in the digital age, and what a dichotomy it can be. At the same time, every song on My Hero, The Enemy explores the polarity of such emotional struggles, and attempts to expose the underlying truth behind many of life's misconceptions.”
Gregory’s own patrons are currently funding his Live From The Chapel project – a live album and video “rockumentary” in the works. Every song from My Hero, The Enemy was performed live at The Chapel in San Francisco, CA specifically for this project.
His evocative, alternative sound blends "Rufus Wainwright ́s opulent musicality and Justin Timberlake ́s accessible soulfulness.” A recent spotlight on NPR's Morning Edition coined him "one of New England's best-kept secrets”.
Gregory has shared the stage with artists like Regina Spektor, They Might Be Giants, Shawn Colvin, The Weepies, and Jason Mraz to name a few. According to Pandora's founder, Tim Westergren, Gregory is one of the top independent artists on Pandora radio today. He has sold 200,000+ songs digitally on his own and his videos have amounted to over a million views on his YouTube channels.