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Who is your inner muse?
The Sasha Fierce to your Beyoncé? The Superman to your Clark Kent? 

Think of “Show Your Muse” roundtable discussions as (free) monthly accountability groups for your higher self – your inner muse. Once every month, fellow higher-self-helpers gather together to inspire each other, share our wins, help solve each other’s problems, and champion each other’s inner muse.

Your muse is your higher self.
It’s also your secret weapon.

Call it what you want – your alter ego, your doppelgänger, your superhero, your intuition, your wild imagination, your creative integrity, your unlimited source of potential – or simply Jan. That's right, give your muse its own name, its own persona, its own permission to shine – and then marvel at what else you’re capable of as a result.

Drag Queen superstar RuPaul often says, "Drag doesn't change who you are – it reveals more of who you are." The same is true with your inner muse. Your muse gives you permission to be the most powerful version of yourself. It reveals more of who you really are.

The "real" world is full of challenges and complications that feed on our insecurities. We're surrounded by infrastructures that keep our higher selves confined – and we wonder why it's such a struggle to be productive, creative, happy, and fulfilled in our lives.

Your muse is the keeper of what you hold sacred. 
And your higher self already knows how to live your best life.

Just like any spiritual practice, it takes practice and support to stay engaged with your higher self. That’s what these “Show Your Muse” (free) monthly roundtable discussions are here for.

So go ahead, give yourself permission to embrace your higher self, rock your creative brilliance, and show your muse to the world – because doing so will give others permission to do the same.

You're invited to the next (free) roundtable discussion:
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We’ll discuss exactly where we're at – what’s working, what isn’t working, and what our muse has to say about it.