May Spotlight: "Every Evening After" (Live Music Video & Single)

I’m releasing things a bit out of order, but I just completed the editing of the live music video for “Every Evening After” from the Live From The Chapel project. “Every Evening After” was the first single released from the new album My Hero, The Enemy back in December, and it was actually the first song performed at The Chapel because we played the entire new album in order. Now that you’re familiar with the song, it seems only fair to release the live performance video! 

I love the blue, moody lighting happening in this one. It’s been a real treat to edit these videos myself because I get to see how the show looked from the audience's perspective. I had no idea how much incredible lighting was happening throughout from my on-stage perspective! 

I also want to give a shout-out to Mike Tuccillo who is mixing and mastering the multi-track audio recordings of all these live performances for this project. They all sound as beautiful as they did when we performed them in the reverb-saturated walls of The Chapel, and I can’t wait to turn this project into a live album and live “rockumentary” concert film. Mike was also responsible for every bass part on the new album, as well as the final mixing and mastering, so he is no stranger to these songs. And of course, nothing would sound or look as good as it does without this incredible band, the show’s audio engineer, Nic Pope at Different Fur Studios, and the videographers at Lash Music Media.

Enjoy the video, and feel free to download the single directly from SoundCloud (below) if you haven't yet already!



Gregory Douglass Live From The Chapel is a “rockumentary” film & live album in the making. The new album My Hero, The Enemy was performed live in it’s entirety at The Chapel in San Francisco, CA on January 10, 2016, and documented specifically for this project. By being a monthly patron here at Patreon, you are helping to support the ongoing funding of this project and many other projects to come. 

The Gregory Douglass band members included: 
Monique Citro on cello, Lisa Piccirillo​ on vocals, Seth Thomas Barbiero​ on bass, 
TJ Piccirillo on guitar, Ben Cassorla on guitar, Matt Bogdanow on drums, 
Jane Boxall on marimba & Glory Douglass Reinstein​ on clarinet. 

The show was presented by EBH Presents & sponsored by Magnify. 
Eric Hanson was the Executive Producer. 
The show was filmed by Lash Music Media and edited by Gregory Douglass. 
The audio was recorded by Nic Pope at Different Fur Studios and mixed by Mike Tuccillo. 

Special thanks to everyone involved with making this project possible; 
the band members, everyone behind the scenes, everyone who attended the show, 
and all my current patrons here at Patreon.