Gregory Douglass & Glen Nadeau Paintings

Gregory Douglass Acrylic Paintings

I've been a closeted painter for many years now and it all began with blank walls, red wine and Joni Mitchell records (literally, vinyl).  Being a starving artist/musician myself, I couldn't really afford to adorn the walls of my home with the artwork that I so love and appreciate.  I've always been particularly drawn to modern artwork that is both striking and surrealistic within its exposition.  Luckily, that approach felt within my means of execution so I thought, "I'll just create my own paintings for my living room!"  I've always pegged myself as a musician and I've rarely ever strayed from that world but I remembered that one of my greatest heros, Joni Mitchell, was just as prolific of a painter as she was a singer/songwriter.  I'm sure she would agree that painting is a refreshing alternative to music yet still as contemplative of a creative outlet.  Here's a collection of what I've made over the past five years:

Please let me know what you think or email me if you're interested in commissioning a piece for your own living room: gregory [AT] gregorydouglass [DOT COM]

Glen Nadeau Acrylic Paintings

Born in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in 1979, Glen was the youngest of two children raised by a supportive English and French-Canadian family. After receiving a degree in public relations from Champlain College and landing a job, Glen questioned if the corporate life was for him. He has since been submerged in the geometric shapes that encompass his signature acrylic paintings. Glen takes a minimalist approach to his pieces and focuses on negative space, encouraging the viewer to personalize each piece.  Here's a collection created over the past five years:

If you're interested in commissioning a piece for your own living room please contact: glen [AT] gregorydouglass [DOT COM]